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Message Subject IN BETWEEN LIVES & OUT OF BODY ABDUCTIONS (Truman's past lives regression)
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"The realization that I had during this session, which J had not written in the session notes, concerned the ET technology of anchoring spirits into bodies. I came to this realization when I was re-experiencing being put into a male body in the sphere at the end of the tunnel.
It appears that electromagnetics plays a key role in this procedure. I suddenly realized that they were using the
nervous system of the body-including the brain, of course-to implant beings into bodies. The nerves transmit electrical charges, which creates electromagnetic fields around the body. The chakras are simply nerve networks, which create electromagnetic fields. (This, however, may be an oversimplification of the phenomenon.)
In the Serpent religions-especially the eastern religious practices and New Age channeled religious practices--a lot of attention is placed on meditation on the chakras, "clearing " the chakras, and channeling energy through the cbakras. In so doing , a spiritual being itJ. a body only anchors itself further in the body by sending energy pulses through these nerve networks. I have actually experienced this phenomenon during a "Consciousness and Energy" (C & E) exercise taught
by the channeled entity , Ramtha. After doing the exercise I became more solidly anchored in my body and was very
sick with the "C & E flu" for over two weeks. Also, just the condition of placing undue attention on the body helps reinforce attachment to the body."

(I just noticed while reading the above
and in the word "Nervous" v is n in greek
ner can be a short for nero which is water in greek
nervous=nous of nero=the consciousness of water
also if we flip the w we get water=mater=metra(a word the name matrix derives from and it means in greek a woman's womb!)
also nerves in greek is nevra
Fucking Ra/medusa snake is hiding in all the above.)

"To program people that
we just naturally evolve upwards would incline people to think they neednot engage in past life therapy to recover lost
spiritual abilities, spiritual awareness, and spiritual integrity. There are many such lies promulgated by Pleiadians , but I
won't belabor the point here as I have written a separate report that exposes Pleiadian deceptions.
The Grays, Reptilians, Pleiadians, Insectoids alluse the WHITE LIGHT rooms to program earthbound humans.
This phenomenon illustrates a conspiratorial network between several races of ETs. Today, however, they don't land in public places like they used to. They also don't bring down people from implant stations like they used to. It appears that the phenomenon of "walk-ins " is on the increase, however. Channeledentities are deceiving us as to the purpose of these insidious, covert extra-terrestrial activities.
Many people today are reporting near death experiences (NDEs) in which they travel swiftly through a tunnel toward
the LIGHT . When they reach the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel they sometimes report seeing "beings of LIGHT. " They sometimes believe they have traveled to some kind of spiritual realm. From my own experiences these "beings of
LIGHT " were insectoids. They only " appeared " to be LIGHT beings , due to their uncanyn
ET ability to create illusions
in the minds of abductees, whether out of body or in the body. This ability, as I have mentioned before, can be best described as "telepathic hypnosis; " other researchers use the term " screen memories. " Grays also possess this incredible ability to manipulate people 's minds and emotions, and they often use this ability to create an illusion of benevolence and love. This is one of the reasons why some abductees think Grays are good. Reptilians also possess this ability , and it would be reasonable to assume that other ET groups also use telepathic hypnosis."
(In the V series was shown also how the draconians manipulate us through our emotions etc but i find interesting how little attention was shown in that series on the mantis/insectoids species where the reptilian queen and her daughter were insectoids)

"I don't know if other ETs are involved with the "going to the LIGHT " aspect of the programnmi g processor if only insectoids handle the implant stations-I 've only seen the praying mantis guys there. People also report that they were given prophecies in near death experiences, which often come true. This is not very astounding really, since ETs can travel through time to the future to see what will happen. Also, since they are the puppet masters working behind the scenes to manipulate wars, they would seem to have a great deal of control over our future."
(The ability on how the lunar scums predict the future was shown in the movie limitless, men in black 3 and many more, its all math/calculations(anna/hive mind/super computer always calculates/from the V series) and just like when you fire a bullet and you know the speed and direction of the wind the speed of the bullet etc etc you can predict with amazing accuracy where the bullet will land and have many ignorant sheeple around you think of you as god for doing so hahaha)
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