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A Big Purge Is Needed. Let's Do This!!

GB Packer Babe

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United States
09/07/2013 03:49 AM

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A Big Purge Is Needed. Let's Do This!!
Friends the events of the past year have been a huge awakening for many Americans. Even the low info bunch are recognizing a bigger agenda has been put in place behind the curtain. The whole country feels betrayed, lied to, deceived and manipulated. Some redemption for us conspiracy tards huh? :) Over the last decades tptb, politicians and government officials have divided and confused the American people so deeply it would make Alinsky proud.

What overwhelming disapproval ratings. 60% oppose NSA Surveillance, over 50% oppose missile strikes against Syria (and I think those numbers are suspiciously low), Obama's job approval rating 43%, Congress' job disapproval rate over 70%, - 59% disprove of Obama Care, and Obama's handling of the economy has a 65% disapproval rate (Gallup and Rasmussen polls.)

We all think “It's rigged.....What can one person do to make a difference?” Well now is the crucial window when we can set aside our differences, and gain maximum traction to take that stand. You know, never let a good crisis go to waste!! We're all are in agreement about the sorry state of our nation. If our elected officials aren't going to do their job, it's time for us to unite together and WE NEED TO PURGE THE ENTIRE ELECTED BODY. It doesn't matter which party affiliation; they're all OUT OF CONTROL. They've been more interested in feathering their own nests than representing the people that put them there.

The NANCY PELOSI'S, JOHN BOENER'S, JOHN MCCAIN'S, HARRY REED'S of the world need to go. It's time for a new era. Vote your party- but vote out all incumbents. No more excuses that the opposition made it impossible to do their jobs. Time to show unity and send a message that the American people will no longer tolerate a corrupt and entitled government. Time for the old guard to go. PURGE THOSE BASTARDS!

And don't forget folks. Politicians are like insurance agents. You might like your agent, but the rest are slime balls. So if your elected officials have waffled one iota from their job.....Sorry gotta go- collateral damage- tough love. Please pass on this message- paste into Face Book, call your local and national radio talk shows. Americans have never been so divided- yet had so much common ground in my adult lifetime. Lets create a movement and take back this country!!
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