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Message Subject wow wtf GIANT UFO Around The Sun,Sept 5, 2013
Poster Handle Dr. Astro
Post Content

[link to youtu.be]
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Thanks. Just for the record - I don't believe this explanation.
 Quoting: Aye-aye

I don't care; just for the record, I'm right.

 Quoting: Dr. Astro

I saw the video, and this is not related to this thread. In this case you said this shadow is the result of a previous image of a planet (mercury) on the same position 15 days before. Wich is odd, but you show it, so it is possible, but also could be a coincidence. The question is, is there another example of this CCD shadow planetary calibration before? Another question, why the image you use to calibrate is worst quality than you are calibrating?
 Quoting: ADO

Yes to the first question, I've encountered this exact same thing before but to be honest SOHO annoys me and I don't feel particularly inspired to go find another instance. To the second question, what do you mean? The image I'm comparing to is already calibrated. It's analogous to the STEREO images discussed above; the raw fits files do not show the heliosphere at all prior to calibration, just a lot of glare from the sun. Here's what I mean, this is what an uncalibrated coronograph image looks like (this one from STEREO):
No heliosphere, plenty of solar glare. They then use raw frames from a previous day to calibrate the current raw frame. The end result are the jpgs you see online. For the purpose of showing that it's just Mercury I'm comparing post-calibrated images to post-calibrated images, but you can still see it's a match.
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