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preparing with limited income

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 46648397
09/10/2013 08:46 PM
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Re: preparing with limited income
Besides having a "BOB" what are some good ways of being prepared on a limited income while going to school. I know some people say to slowly get the means that is needed in case of an emergency situation such as a natural disaster but what if there isn't a huge amount of time left?
 Quoting: girl with open eyes

Set priorities,the most important things to have in your BOB are Water filter,survival pocket book,a good knife,warm clothing,Pocket fire,sewing,fishing,hygiene,first aid kits.
Eye goggles gas or dust mask,snare wire,some food,waterbottle.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 46206379
09/10/2013 08:48 PM
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Re: preparing with limited income
Also condition your body to a low caloric diet.....I laugh when I see these well fed overweight preppers....

Seriously...though...try and limit...perhaps fast on Tuesday weds, Thursday just. Try to ween off 3 square meals a day...because when it comes...that life is over....

User ID: 46290863
United States
09/10/2013 08:57 PM
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Re: preparing with limited income
I'm in the same boat. I posted a thread a couple weeks back, with the list of things I just bought, and a lot of members posted with some really amazing responses. I have a 3 yr. old & its hard trying to save $ for anything. I'm adding to it in little bits each week.

Also, buying a gas can each paycheck & filling it is a damn good idea I didn't think of before....should've been the first thing after water. Especially when gas prices start going up, which is already happening.

Thread: Prepping & Supplies for SHTF
 Quoting: Halo2Alexis™

Be very VERY careful! Gas is FLAMMABLE and can EXPLODE!

Also, there are so many chemicals in the gas now to make it "less polluting" but in turn those chemicals begin to separate and deteriorate in a very short amount of time; all last winter I fought with my car, sometimes it wouldn't start after I didn't drive it for a few days. Come to find out that, because I'd been topping it off anytime I went anywhere before I went back home (so as not to be caught without a full tank), the gas was not being rotated enough and it was deteriorating in quality. The remedy ended up being to add a bottle of gas-line water remover every so often and running it down to 1/4 tank or slightly lower and then filling it with fresh gas and a bottle of Sta-Bil.

At the very least, if you are going to store ANY gas, add some of that Sta-Bil and don't keep the gas cans where you live!
 Quoting: Eggcellent

To store gasoline buy non-ethanol gas in the Summer time. Add Sta-bil. The gas will last at least a year (I've used it at 18 months old and it was fine). Winter blend gas has more front end hydrocarbons to promote quick ignition through better vaporization. Summer blend does not have these because the high summer temps will cause the front end hydrocarbons to evaporate and because the higher temp of the incoming fuel is already higher and thus vaporizes more easily. Storing Winter blend will cause your octane level to drop since part of your octane number is derived from these easily lost hydrocarbons.

Different parts of the country have different blends so this may not hold true everywhere. If you get snow every year then your winter blend is probably bad for long term storage.

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