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Any chance humans came first and others evolved from us?

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09/08/2013 02:05 AM
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Any chance humans came first and others evolved from us?
Sometimes I look at monkeys and I think that they are a-holes. Like what if some humans were too lazy to take care of themselves. They'd probably end up monkeys after evolution directing things for a while. If they get lazier still they might end up sheep.



This could even be the reason for the cage/matrix/deception. Like how to keep humans productive if they are too lazy on their own.

Hopefully that sort of need, or perceived need, goes away in the future. I think something like the Xbox Live and Xbox Achievement system is the 100% employment of the future.

Directors will set the goals. Managers will divvy up the contracts. Designers will build the robots. Programmers will create the achievement systems. Producers will create the training levels and the in-game AI voice support. Then lazy sacks will just sit on their couches controlling drones for as much or as little profit as they are willing to work for. Coordinators will make sure the sacks efforts get turned into productivity.

Of course the producers will get more money than the gamers, but in fairness they're working harder. I mean sitting on a coach, picking whatever you want to do whenever, that's too easy to get a high rate of pay. Although you're welcome to work more hours for more pay.
The President is an employee. His boss is the tax payer.