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Word to all you Christian folks on here

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/09/2013 12:53 PM
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Re: Word to all you Christian folks on here
You guys need to realize that pushy the Bible on the other thinkers in here that just because they don't believe in God doesn't mean they are all bad. None of us are perfect so please don't act as if you are righteous because you aren't. That being said I am a believer and I think it's a shame that the ones that don't judge get stereotyped because of how you treat others. When someone feels they want to turn their life around they will do so. Have an amazing day!
 Quoting: girl with open eyes

I think there are a lot of fake Christians on here trying to seem as if they are righteous and unbelievers are sinners headed to hell. Any true believer knows that they and everyone in this world is a sinner in need of the blood of Christ for forgiveness of sins. Believers should show grace and mercy because grace and mercy was shown to us by the Lord.

User ID: 46425551
United States
09/09/2013 01:03 PM

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Re: Word to all you Christian folks on here

No that's not true.
You got the wrong name just like muslims have the wrong name:
[link to www.wayoflife.org]
 Quoting: -GLP-Christian-

I have never called him that up until now and I assumed it was correct because the Jewish people call him that according to the old testament. Jesus has many names. One of which is what you spoke of. The Muslims call their God Allah correct? But their God is not the God we speak of.
 Quoting: girl with open eyes

Muslims don't call their god Allah as a personal name. It's Arabic for "God" and Christians and every other Arabic speaker uses the word to refer to God.

A lot of people foolishly think "Allah" is his name. It's just a title. It doesn't matter if you use God, Allah, Gott, Dios, Dieu, Deus, Dio, Mungu, or anything else. They all mean "God" and nothing more.

And, actually, they base their religion off Christianity and Judaism, so he is the same. They just have a different view of him. Just like if you had the same biological father as me, and I thought he was nice, but you thought he was mean. Same guy, but since nobody really knows anything about him, they try to figure out his "laws" and each person wrote down what they thought they saw as truth.

But they all saw a murderer, torturer, etc., interestingly enough. The only real difference in all this is in which group of people it's "fair" to kill and which isn't. Which group of people are the "chosen" and which aren't. Which group of people are the "slaves" and which aren't.

It's all essentially a child's game of "My daddy's better than yours and can kick your daddy's butt!" followed by "No way! My daddy's bigger and stronger!" followed by "Yeah?! Well, I'll get my brother, too!" ad infinitum with no clue what the hell anybody is actually arguing for.
 Quoting: NomadSoul

Gotcha I was wondering about that. I never called him Allah but then again I am not a Muslim either. I have always been curious as to what other "bibles" were like, just to see how their views are than say America's. I had a friend tell me the other day I should read the Tora because that's what only matters really. Isn't the Tora the Old Testament in Hebrew?
 Quoting: girl with open eyes

The Torah is the first 5 books of both the bible and the tanakh. Genesis,exodus,Leviticus,numbers, and deuteronomy.

I just wanted to confirm again what the poster said above Allah is arabic for God. It is only the inflection of the heart that changes the meaning of whom you are praying to. If you were to witness and speak in native dialogues in most of the middle east even christian's would pray to Allah. As the other poster said there are many similarities if you study the Quran after reading the Torah. It is only until you come to Issac and Ishmael that the rights of inheritance split between the two different sects. I highly recommend every christian to look into this more deeply because it will shoe you very clearly why there is so much division in the middle east and specifically Jerusalem and Israel.

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