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McCain Playing Both Sides of Fence, Threatens Obama Impeachment if Boots Hit Ground in Syria

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09/08/2013 02:24 PM
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McCain Playing Both Sides of Fence, Threatens Obama Impeachment if Boots Hit Ground in Syria
What a scum bag.

[link to politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com]

McCain raises impeachment - if boots hit ground in Syria
Posted by
CNN's Jason Seher

WASHINGTON (CNN) - After endorsing President Barack Obama's plan to launch military strikes against Syria, Sen. John McCain warned the president would face impeachment if he were to put "boots on the ground."

McCain told Phoenix radio host Mike Broomhead on Thursday that the president had "bungled" the entire handling of the Syria crisis and would open himself up to impeachment hearings if he overstepped the limits of the authorization before Congress.

"No one wants American boots on the ground," McCain told the KYFI audience. "Nor will there be American boots on the ground, because there would be an impeachment of the president if they did that."

While McCain said he still supports the current plan to intervene in Syria, the Arizona Republican's statement seems to reflect his contentious Thursday town hall meeting with some Phoenix constituents. At the meeting, McCain, who has favored a more robust American response to the Syria crisis, faced intense criticism.

"We didn't send you to make war for us. We sent you to stop the war," one man said.
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