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Message Subject christians do you believe the ezekiel wheel was a ufo?
Poster Handle BunBun
Post Content
Nope, it was just The Lord's Throne. No UFO.
 Quoting: BunBun

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27745902

shaking your head about what? So, he has a throne that's a conveyance with angels at all 4 corners. Actually, I saw that one time.

The Lord was before me and I looked at Him, which I don't think I was supposed to do cause I was studying him. I won't tell you what He looked like, but anyway some embers sparked up from the throne and I was afraid that it had burned the angel standing in front of me on the hand. So, I grabbed his hand and kissed his fingers, which were black and kind of think and long maybe bat like sort of. But, I really thought he was burnt cause of his fingers being black. I think it was to distract me so I wouldn't look at Father. Anyways, then I was told to pick up a log, which was really a tree and the angel helped me to pick it up and there was a shiny, irridescent card like a credit card under the tree. The angel picked it up and exclaimed over it like I had found a treasure. I don't really know what the card was about, but there you have it.

It's his converyance/throne.
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