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Message Subject christians do you believe the ezekiel wheel was a ufo?
Poster Handle Starknight
Post Content
i do but was wondering your take on it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1834146

This used to be the type of questions I had back when I was 15; it feels completely irrelevant to me now.
 Quoting: Starknight

i think it makes sense,
a wheel inside of a wheel?
why is it irrelevant now?
iv asked a few christians in real life this before,
and they did not want to hear it,
seems like religious people are sheep so set in their ways,
they cant even say "what if"
even though it makes perfect logical sense
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1834146

I didn't say it was irrelevant. I said I feel the question is irrelevant to me.

You see, when you give your heart to Jesus and grow in His Love, everything else takes on a whole new meaning regarding mysteries. While intriguing nonetheless, the fact is that the wheel in a wheel aspect of ezekiel's vision goes into the realm of God's mysteries and I am patient about that. Granted, Human nature is about curiosity, it's just that not everyone handles it the same way.

Was it a UFO? Maybe, but not likely. Too many sci fi pictures in our lives have conditioned our minds to think that way. Interesting topic, btw.
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