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Message Subject christians do you believe the ezekiel wheel was a ufo?
Poster Handle BunBun
Post Content
religion is the wackness, but with that being said there are ufo's in pretty much all ancient scripture

you priests and pastors or whatever the fuck are hiding this from u religion tards
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27745902

But what if they aren't so much aliens from another planet and more interdimensional beings. You see we think in the physical, but HE is The Spirit. Things are different in the spirit world than they are in the physical and they aren't the way the preachers tell us exactly. Some of it is just too difficult for us to understand. I really hate it when they turn me off like I have a switch at my neck and they can switch me on and off. I hate that.

They can also cause you to feel extreme sexual arousal and punish you with it. Wish I didn't know that but I do.

We must be kinda like something other than what we are in our physical bodies on the other side. Different things happen there-things that would be impossible here.
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