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Truth Behind The "Trayvon Martin" Killing

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United States
09/09/2013 11:11 PM
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Truth Behind The "Trayvon Martin" Killing

Official song dedicated to Trayvon Martin. For those of you who have followed this case since it happened in 2012, you will appreciate this song. No justice for Trayvon, so lets unite and pass this song around in the honor of his name and legacy.

Zimmerman was used as a puppet basically. A huge distraction to keep us (Americans) focused on a tragedy and not pay attention to what Obama is doing in those secret meetings and all that B.S.

The song goes into details about how Zimmerman was funded by t he Koch Brothers, who are worth 43 Billion dollars. They are the makers of Dixie and Browny, just to name a few major companies that they run.

What are your thoughts on this?

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