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Message Subject Brit scientists send balloon into the stratosphere and it comes back carrying alien life forms.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this does not prove alien life at all. I don't know why the experimenter makes such a bold statement, probably to get the press.

He sent the balloon 27km up. This is still in the earth's atmosphere. The furthest layers of earth's atmosphere extend to atleast 600km, though doubtless life could exist there as we know it.

Take this short description of the stratosphere...

"Within this layer, temperature increases as altitude increases (see temperature inversion); the top of the stratosphere has a temperature of about 270 K (−3°C or 29.6°F), just slightly below the freezing point of water.[2] The stratosphere is layered in temperature because ozone (O3) here absorbs high energy UVB and UVC energy waves from the Sun and is broken down into atomic oxygen (O) and diatomic oxygen (O2). "

According to this the stratosphere is much warmer then the layers of atmosphere immediately below it.

i have no doubt it's possible that experiment opened at 27km up and life ended up on those microscopic slides. But to conclude from that, that it's automatically from space.. as opposed to something that literally lives in the stratosphere is a hell of a leap.

Lately we have been finding life in places we never expected on earth, in volcanic vents, 10s of kms into solid rock, in glaciers, in salt beds.

27km up is not space... it ain't even close to space, but the idea that life also thrives in our stratosphere is thrilling. What a beautiful planet we live on.
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