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Message Subject Brit scientists send balloon into the stratosphere and it comes back carrying alien life forms.
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
The only way he could say 'they have to come from space', is if it is known that no earth organisms exist at 27 kilometers high and higher.

If they do come from space, there must be a literal pea soup of them all over the place, for some to have landed on a little glass slide.

Sounds highly dubious to me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22867369

You make a good point. However, to me it matters not if they came form earth or space, but rather the fact that life can exist in such extreme conditions.
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 Quoting: Geometrix

Tend to agree with the last statement. There are plenty of conveyors to get life up there, both man made and natural. Extremophiles exist elsewhere, so why not up there too?

Each time we find things like this, it expands, just a little, how we view life. Wew'll be finding it all over the place now.

Barnacles on the ISS.

I have a thread on 'star jelly' which I think is part of what the OP has posted about, maybe waste? maybe remnants of a colony?

Good thread OP.
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