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Message Subject Have a ? May Seem Dumb To Some
Poster Handle justanothergranny
Post Content
Not a civil war - that's what Syria already has. That's the internal fighting going on. Rebels vs current gov - Assad.

If we attack, it is one sovereign nation attacking another, with no provocation. They (Syria) have not threatened us, attacked us, or given us a reason to have to defend ourselves by using military might. Which is a real no-no. (Although we've done it before without major repercussions. It's just that this time, Russia, Iran and China have a vested interest in not allowing us to go in and cause havoc like we've done in Libya, Iraq and Egypt. Among others. This time, bombing Syria will impact the pocketbooks and treaty agreements of some VERY big players.)

Hope this helps. And it's just my humble interpretation...
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