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Message Subject you look out your window and you see a big alien space ship over your town.
Poster Handle Face Palmer
Post Content
I did this. I stood on my balcony, staring out over the city skyline in the distance, when three lights in triangular formation slowly glided into view from over tree tops to my left. My girlfriend had gone to the supermarket, so it was only witnessed by myself. I took my nokia music express out of my rear pocket, aimed it in the direction straight overhead as the formation glided silently by, and snapped one picture. My hands were shaking I recall, due to the significance of what I was witness to. This object glided without any sound whatsoever, and literally as described in your question, a UFO moved straight over my town. Strangely enough it was the first time I had tuned into a sherry Shriner show earlier that night, so the timing was uncanny to say the least. True story, happened in 2010.
 Quoting: Unbeliever 37847214

And what happened since then? Did you grow another dick? Developed some sort of telekinesis? Or is your life basically the same?
 Quoting: Face Palmer

This was my second encounter. The first time was slightly less thrilling, but since it happened, my life changed radically, yes. No second dick though, telekinesis was always there. My view on our surround ding reality has altered immensely since, I will say that. I still have the picture, it's on the tablet I'm typing on but I don't know how to upload to this site.
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What exactly changed in your life?
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