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Message Subject Chloe Grace Moretz (HIT-GIRL) - Illuminati Puppet
Poster Handle macchoi
Post Content
Some more evidence:

Here's another pic, magazine cover, the BLOOD LUST of Chloe Grace Moretz, a DARK ARTS special. Lovely title yes?

IMAGE ( [link to img593.imageshack.us] )

 Quoting: macchoi

Funny that cover has that theme.
CARRIE is about blood sacrifice.
She has her first period. Then she gets bathed in pig blood, then she desroys her creator (her mom). Then she wrecks destruction on a town (people).
 Quoting: abhie

Nice thread OP. Lots of facts. Bookmarked it for future reference. Also linked your thread here:
Thread: CARRIE : Its about Virgin Blood Sacrifice

 Quoting: abhie


I'm a huge fan of Chloe Moretz, so I'm still somewhat in denial about all this, which is why I'm doing so much research on her. I keep hoping she's not an MK Ultra victim and I keep hoping she's not connected to any of that stuff, but as I find more evidence, it has become quite obvious and saddening.
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