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Message Subject Chloe Grace Moretz (HIT-GIRL) - Illuminati Puppet
Poster Handle BRIEF
Post Content
Chloe and her brother seem to have a very close and strange relationship, that borderlines on incest.

 Quoting: macchoi

Dude you are getting totally weird with this.

I think she's an awesome actress and I dig her too, but...

You're making this shit awkward.

With regards to her brother, I mean... it'd be super cool to have a brother to pal around with like that. I'm glad for her that she has good family (her parents seem weird as shit, so at least she has a brother to be friends with). I don't see anything suspect about it. God. Don't you have any siblings??

Actresses don't usually do the downward spiral type of shit like the teen singers/Disney kids do. She didn't come from Disney, so why are you so concerned?

She seems pretty intelligent and knows her shit when it comes to the business she's in so I don't see any cause for concern. Stop being so fuckin' weird.
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

I agree, but I don't think her parents are strange...just strict...

She's quite intelligent and is aware of how everyone is trying to sexualize her, so she straight up tells them she's still a child...

She's from a stable home with a fantastic support group...and she knows it.
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