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Message Subject Chloe Grace Moretz (HIT-GIRL) - Illuminati Puppet
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
great post, seems like you've compiled alot of evidence for her being a illuminati slave

i see her as a similar slave as miley cyrus being used to bring pedophilia mainstream and to degrade the morals of humanity
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45366743

I just want to clarify that miley cyrus is 20 years old. chloe moretz is 16 years old. Now it could be argued they are promoting ephebophilia, which although is a type of chronophilia or paraphilia; it is not the same thing as pedophilia, which is an attraction to prepubescent children.
 Quoting: peachycabron

I keep hearing this argument, Miley's 20, etc. Look at her at the VMA's. Teddy bear imagery, her heads up in tiny pigtails, she's basically wearing a bib...you don't have to be a genius to make the connection. This shit is planned and they know what they're doing. They also both look much younger than they are.

I know it's a free country, they can do what they want, but you have to at least acknowledge that Hollywood has an agenda.
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