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All the UFO's Recently.. Out of nowhere?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 45929229
United States
09/12/2013 06:07 AM
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All the UFO's Recently.. Out of nowhere?
People there is a perfectly good explanation to this. These are all drones that are synchronized with flight plans.

How many people are seeing anything but lights? How many are now seeing a specific precise shape to the lights rather than 15 years ago there was no pinpoint specific pattern.

If you can network drone's at home and fly precision computer designed GPS enabled patterns with a few thousand bucks and a couple weekends.

Imagine what they can do.

Until someone shows me a spotlight pointed at a UFO while video taping it, I'm not impressed. How expensive are very powerful spotlights and zoom camera's with a tripod? $200 and being that everyone on the planet has these devices and we still have no sharp photos???????? Impress me with video and mach 1 acceleration without a vapor trail. Then we can analyze footage and verify it isn't cgi.

[link to www.youtube.com]