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Subject What is this - 33degrees townsite 'Tomorrowland' for Sept 27-29th Illuminati symbolism?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
An event scheduled for later this month (September 27-29th 2013)
A very weird music festival; these videos are exploding with illuminati motifs, has bought space at the semi-rural area of Chattahoochie Hills.
Coordinates: 33°33′02″N 84°45′38″W

A youtube video, Released in March, note the constant reference to phallic/reproductive imagery - whales (focusing in on a single eye), jellyfish moving in a manner like spermatozoa, etc. Also, a bottle that drips blood-coloured fluid when it lands on the shore of the USA:
[link to www.youtube.com]

Here is a 2nd video about their opening up the newest chapter of the so-called 'Book of Wisdom' in Chattahoochie Hills.
[link to www.tomorrowworld.com]

And finally, here is a youtube video of their past summer activities in Europe,
[link to www.youtube.com]
which takes place in Boom, Belgium, and has been ongoing for 9 years.

There is too much for me to take in - can anyone else make sense of what these videos are saying? I get some of it, of course, the all-seeing eye, fire elemental references, but this is highly orchestrated - and too complex to get it all.
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