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Subject How to build a Flying Saucer or Anti-Gravity Power Plant
Poster Handle Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
Post Content
Henri Coanda built an experimental flying saucer back in 1893 if I am not mistaken
He noticed that if you flip a coin on a table the coin floats above the table and it is rotating at constant rate
then it destabilizes touches the table and rotates more and more rapidly until it finally stops on the table
so he took a number of discs and integrated them onto the saucer section of a flying saucer
or the flying wing which he imagine earlier as a combat aircraft,giving birth to B2 bomber and the like
above the saucer he sets a cabin for himself
thus the form of the "Lenticular Gravitational Space and Air Vehicle"was born
the discs were set to rotate in opposite directions
15000 rpm the odd numbers to the left
15000 rpm the even number to the left
he immediately noticed that the flying saucer was flying...
and it was gone never to be seen again :)))

so please remember to always keep your flying saucers or antigravity power plants firmly attached to the ground
otherwise they will fly up to 80km above the ground
and then fall unto the heads of unsuspecting fellows
the antigravity plant is a flying saucer which rotates into a magnetic field
told you how to build those
and produces electricty for free
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