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Message Subject YOU HATE LADY GAGA TOO? ...Give This Metal Remix 1 Minute Of Your Time.....
Poster Handle One-Eye
Post Content
Lets give this guitarist a few more hits on youtube!

He deserves it.

I cant begin to imagine how much time he put into this track.

---__________! Metal GAGA !__________---

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46743225

terrible, you have terrible taste in noise, because that's definitely not music.

"oh, i'm angry and i feel like i'm an under-appreciated outcast with dark and deep introverted thought processes. so i am going to conform to what my peers deem my stereotypical physical expression ought to be. dark and evil... oooooo

i am going to listen to this racket obsessively, repeatedly because the harsh sounds and angry front man (that i totally relate to) make me feel better about being the loser i am. then i will memorize all the different genres of said racket and argue incessantly with anyone willing to give me a minute of their time. i will spend time stating that they do not understand which particular sub-genre the crap i harm my inner ear with is, all while proclaiming that metal is the most complicated and amazing type of sound in existence, because i don't get that the majority of metal artists just take basic scale patterns and chop them into pieces only to repeat over and over and over again forwards and backwards as fast as they can while a drummer on meth fills every second with some tap or beat just to sound loud and intense."


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