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Message Subject YOU HATE LADY GAGA TOO? ...Give This Metal Remix 1 Minute Of Your Time.....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
so what you're sayng is.....

you are sad because your neglected wife is too fat. and you forgot to say anything about it when it actually (cuz ur weeny small)counted but now its too late and too far gone for your tiny voice to have affect... ?

well, budddy, let me tell you, we have all been there. lolz.

literally. literally. ask her(?).

And now youre trying to get pissed over a random spasm?

I will pray for you.


Grow up Big Boy.

Get a job and be a MAN. There is a chance she might take you back. Quit taking the sperm on cheek and you may become a man again.

Its not Hard.
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