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UFO Sighting Santa Barbara

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42938467
United States
09/15/2013 02:52 AM
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UFO Sighting Santa Barbara
Just saw a UFO while I was outside with my telescope.

I saw a bright orange light in the sky but thought it was just a really bright star and was going to look at it later, where it was in the sky it would have been rising so I thought I had plenty of time to look at it. By the time I finished looking at a nebula I turned around and was really confused because it was gone! Then I saw it wayyyy far down the coast, it got dimmer then brighter and there were 2 other lights with it as well.

Happened at 11:20pm Santa Barbara coastline

edit: By the time I saw it again it was just going out of my field of view from where the scope was set up. I saw it going down the coast when I went inside and looked out the other window. By the time I tried to bring the telescope and everything inside and take the camera off the scope it was gone :(