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Message Subject Strange Sky Sounds, Mysterious Blasts, UFOs And Russian Troops; What Do They Have In Common?
Poster Handle The Escape Goat
Post Content
I live in SE Michigan, and I have heard those "horn in the sky" sounds a lot.

I was just in Jersey City, NJ last week, and they were there as well.

No idea what's going on.
I think for most people they don't really hear the sounds. It registers in their ears, but never rises to the level of consciousness - just part of the background.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38706893

which is in effect the same thing most people do or will do when they come across alien looking/seeming type craft and I can testify to that effect accordingly

if they aren't prepped and prepared to acknowledge such occurrences as not only plausible but to be expected, they will resort to a form of mental denial wherein and by their minds gloss them over as being the result of something they have been programmed to accept as relevant, thereby never accepting them in their true light as the mind has a way of protecting that "reality" it's come to know and therefore expects to apply

some people can stare at them for untold amounts of time and yet have little of nothing to say in their regard, as though they simply can't respond to that which they aren't capable of making any rational allowance for

it's a form of blind spot in their consciousness that protects and defends their "sanity" accordingly, or so it would seem, and the actuations of such repeated incidents and instances bear me out in this regard
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46904733

There was a show(series?) here recently, which my Wife recorded, that is all about the mind & how/why it does or doesn't do what it does. Fascinating information.
Also, consider this. We see sound & that processes in the human brain translates that Vibrational Energy into what we perceive as visual images. What if the slightest difference in Vibrational Energy Frequency renders it invisible, as is the case with know portions of the light spectrum that we cannot see without electronic & other aids?
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