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Message Subject Homosexuals angered as cops crack down on lewdness and nudity at Dallas gay pride parade...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The gay men and women who have kids do not usually take their kids to the pride parades because they don't want them exposed to S&M sex, or people flaunting their genitals in public, or simulated or real sex acts taking place on the parade floats.

There are some activities that are not "kid friendly" and if your kids saw them, you'd be explaining what those people were doing, and why, for the next ten years while they were in therapy about what they saw.

I think the Dallas PD has the right idea. Private displays of nudity and sexual acts are fine. Public ones are not. Be reasonable. I know the gay community has been repressed for generations but they sometimes try to swing the pendulum too far back the other way.
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