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Message Subject Britney Spears - Illuminati Ball /Sharks Circle Britney! - Aliens - Work Bi**H -(Vegas Showgirl $15M) - Maserati-Ukraine War-OZ/ Onyx- Bible
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content
I like how they're approaching the whole Vegas show thing...

Vegas is basically where (music) celebs go to "retire"...

They do the shows and it's basically the last hurrah before they go into total obscurity for like 10+- years.

Then they get an image together that can hold up to their aging, and they re-emerge with that, or they just end up mediocre rich off their spoils of yesteryear.

I hope Britney racks up more $$$ than expected... I hope she makes fuckton millions and then calls it a decade and enjoys her family.

It is a rather hands-on kind of job, it's gonna open her up to some weirdness, that's for sure. Not like she didn't have plenty of that in her glory days back when people were REALLY going totally fucking insane over her though. She will be fine.
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

eww that is freaky how you said retire - will she be retired soon? I am not sure how she can make it through 100 shows in two years. Imagine that. And back and forth from LA.

Her new songs keep doing really well so that is why they keep pushing her because they know she has major influence still. And can bring in cash too. totally secondary.

You know she has not control of her assets, right?

Thanks for the comment.

She said on GMA she only wanted to be out there for a bit and then go and buy a house and have a family. Sad. They will not allow her to do that.
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