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Message Subject Britney Spears - Illuminati Ball /Sharks Circle Britney! - Aliens - Work Bi**H -(Vegas Showgirl $15M) - Maserati-Ukraine War-OZ/ Onyx- Bible
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content

 Quoting: oh_hi9876

Hi oh_hi...what was the drama about with your thread? I'm glad you got it back!

I was looking for the X you mentioned but I didn't see it.

The still above is an obvious symbol of Baphomet's head.


The video to me had a lot of Beyonce influence I think...it reminded me of her video Who Run The World.

Interesting to see the pink bottle and dress. What's with her accent??! I don't like the song personally...she's done better...'Til The World Ends was probably a personal best for me hmm

Just my .02 hf
 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

Oh the drama: I was simply updating with the official vid and suddenly it was deleted and I had two neg karma- then I created a new thread to push back and ask what happened. Then I started to get more neg karma from random people... Then I kept asking why and someone else on this thread joined me. And it was rightly reinstated. It was a lot of drama for no reason. Glad it is back and thanks mods and other supporters. Just posting news.
 Quoting: oh_hi9876

oh - had to recheck myself - at 2:45 with black arm covers .... this vid really freaks me out - not sure why - worse than gaga of oz! did you ever figure out the apple?? I have been noticing apples all over.
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