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Message Subject Britney Spears - Illuminati Ball /Sharks Circle Britney! - Aliens - Work Bi**H -(Vegas Showgirl $15M) - Maserati-Ukraine War-OZ/ Onyx- Bible
Poster Handle Anonymiss1984
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Re: Gwen Stefani

Thanks for posting the link to the Gwen Stefani video, which, if I recall, is Alice in Wonderland themed. (I'll have to go back and take a look at that one).

I used to respect her so much because she looked like a real female you could meet at a local show. She even wore braces when, being a celebrity, she could have gotten her teeth done in a day.

But then she got the boob job. And the nose job.

Makes me as a female musician sad. Unless you're willing to be nipped and tucked into "perfection," you have zero chance of having your music succseed. Sad face.
 Quoting: Anonymiss1984

boob job? not sure - yeah it was alice ish - but a great song - about anxiety about releasing her first solo single.
 Quoting: oh_hi9876

Yeah, familiar with the song. Found it inspirational at one time.

Interestingly she talks about getting her "million dollar contract" and how "they're all waiting" for her "hot track"!


No doubt! grinning

(Get it, wink, wink...eh, yeah, it was funnier in my mind...)
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