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Message Subject Britney Spears - Illuminati Ball /Sharks Circle Britney! - Aliens - Work Bi**H -(Vegas Showgirl $15M) - Maserati-Ukraine War-OZ/ Onyx- Bible
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Here is something that I typed in the Sinead thread. It might have some relevance here too? Britney is serving a similar agenda to Miley: to degrade and nullify the sacred feminine principle. Tptb worships the power of the feminine, but they don't want ordinary people to know about it. That is my theory. :)

[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Sinead wrote another response to Miley mocking her illness.

This is an interesting story.

Miley is acting out the severe anti-woman propaganda that tptb spews. While they have secretly worshiped the incredible power of the divine feminine, tptb have increasingly put out 'programming' that debases, and reduces the value of women.

Miley is serving an agenda to betray her own kind.

And she doesn't even know it, because Miley has been abused and degraded her whole life. She desperately craves attention as a substitute for the love she never got. If people are talking about her, no matter what the tone is, she will take that substitute for love and attention.

She is making bad decisions that show a lack of basic empathy skills. Perhaps it will come back to bite her in the ass. Or perhaps we are increasingly seeing the sociopathic personalities of people indoctrinated in tptb's agenda.

Whatever the answer is, Sinead totally nailed it:
It is most unbecoming of you to respond in such a fashion to someone who expressed care for you. And worse that you are such an anti-female tool of the anti-female music industry. I hope that you will apologise to Amanda Bynes and to any person who has been wounded by your mockery of those who have suffered. And I hope that you will wake up and understand that you in fact are a danger to women.

Furthermore you posted a photo of me tearing the pope’s photo .. as if to imply insanity.. by doing so all you have achieved is to expose your staggering ignorance. I suggest you read The Philadelphia Report, The Boston Report, all the reports which will illuminate for you why that action of mine remains sane and valid. By mocking it you mock every child who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of priests and had it covered by the Vatican. You could really do with educating yourself, that is if you’re not too busy getting your tits out to read.

more at link

Sinead has at least connected with her spiritual nature. It seems like Miley doesn't have the faintest clue what that is ... yet.
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