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nfl qb position will start the race war in usa

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 45492771
United States
09/16/2013 09:58 PM
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nfl qb position will start the race war in usa
there has been an insane hype of black qbs in the nfl for a decade and each year these black qbs fail miserably and yet the media continues to hype them as if one of them will become wilt chamberlain. but each year they continue to prove mediocre and clog up the nfl qb system and preventing talented caucasian qbs from their rightful domination of the qb position.

so why does the media and the nfl continue to push the black qb agenda when black qbs continue to suck bad when it comes to wins and losses? they continue to result in 7-9 seasons and yet they are all always hyped to dominate the nfl because they put more stock in running with the football than throwing it. we get it, you can run fast.....but running for 1st owns ocasionally doesnt win a game.....passing doesand in clutch situations black qbs fail miserably at passing a football to a receiver. its almost like a conspiracy......i mean we all know mexicans cant be qbs....we all know muslims make bad qbs. we know whites make legendary qbs....we have proof that black qbs make terrible qbs.....so why do we continue to see 50million dollar black qbs?