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Message Subject DOD Insider Speaks Out! Illuminati! Michael Jackson! Tupac!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That "phone call" at the end from MJ sounds really really fake and really really scripted.. everything was sounding real until the end, then the BS meter went nuts and I don't buy it anymore. "Dieter" sounds like a terrible mid eastern voice actor and "MJ" sounds like a little fairy, which is true to some extent but not THIS bad. They talk so slow and have almost regularly timed dramatic pauses in speech, it just don't sound right at all.

Why do people think that the govt using music to control people is a new thing?

In the 60's, the govt had all those hippie kids willingly taking test psychotropic drugs at concerts and running around whacked out of their minds naked in public.

In the 70's the govt had them all doing that fruity ass disco dance that John Travolta does in Saturday Night Fever while all coked up and geeked out all night.

In the 80's-90's it was crack cocaine, which completely devastated some communities.

In the 2000's-2010's and beyond it is cheap Heroin from Afghanistan, which they are flooding the USA with. They've got to try to keep the synthetic Opiate market lucrative to pay the development costs for the next plague they wish to unleash upon humanity.

While the government itself is busy pushing all these drugs, they have THE NERVE to tell me and everyone else who lives in my state that smoking pot for medical reasons isn't okay. What the fuck ever.
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