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Religion Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Prayer

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09/16/2013 10:25 PM

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Religion Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Prayer
So, I got to work yesterday only to find out the schedule had changed. No worries, I needed to pick up some groceries anyway. After shopping I stood out on the corner and started hitching home. After a little while, a car pulls up and I ask how far they are going. Turns out she had been heading the opposite direction after leaving church (Mormon) and felt that she should turn around and give me a ride to where ever I needed to go - in this case, 9 miles in the opposite direction from where she was headed.

About 4 miles from my home, we were heading around a corner where the road is on a cliff over the ocean and saw several guys on the side of the road, covered in mud and one guy on the ground almost hanging off the cliff. We couldn't tell if was a fight or an injury but either way, we knew they needed help and called 911. We pulled over as soon as we could and she said she was a nurse and wondered if we should go back. 911 said they had already been called, and if we went back, there would be no place for both us and the emergency vehicles to park so I said let's pray.

After we finished praying for whomever that was in trouble, we continued on and I mentioned how prayer had not only saved my daughter when she had had a brain injury but also enabled her to make a miracle recovery. The lady was stunned. Turns out her son, at almost the same age, had also been in an accident, had a brain injury, coma and almost identical speech issues upon waking. Not only that but we both shared stories of how we each did not pray for our children's survival but instead gave them completely to God and only asked for strength to deal with it.

That was all pretty awesome in itself until my ride home today. A local young man who I have know since he was 7, picked me up on the way home and guess what? HE was the one we had been praying for! He had had a heat stroke while working on the side of the road. went into convulsions, fell over the guard rail and almost slide down into the ocean 100s of feet below. Both the doctors and his mother (who is a nurse) said he had an angel watching over him and that it was a total miracle that he has no brain damage or any injuries beyond a sore jaw from falling down.

Prayer/God doesn't care what religion you are or aren't - the woman I was with was Mormon and I am an exChristian.


Oh, and most of the prayers that saved my daughter came from GLPers of all faiths and beliefs. :)
“If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.”
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