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Angry Black Navy Men and Diane Feinstein!

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09/17/2013 01:03 AM
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Angry Black Navy Men and Diane Feinstein!
Chris Dorner was a Navy man and was in trouble with the LAPD and was claiming racism as the cause. He also visited a Navy base during his status as a fugitive. He also had an assault rifle. He killed people because he was pissed off at the LAPD and the government because he did something stupid but it wasn't his fault.

Aaron Alexis is also a former Navy Man who was fired for being stupid and killed people because he was pissed off and I bet it will come out that it wasn't his fault either.

And don’t even blame PTSD. Brave men and women who have seen actual combat also suffer from PTSD but will never have their pictures posted on the national news for being stupid.

Why does the media insist on listing these men's medals? They had the Global War on Terrorism and the National Defense Service Medals just for being enlisted in the Navy, they did not "earn" them.

Diane Feinstein has already used both incidents to call for a ban on assault weapons. Umm, a recent fire almost took out the water supply to a major California city, a water project she knows a lot about and profits from. Maybe she should ban forest fires and lightning while she is at it. That would equate to the same fuzzy logic.