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Message Subject POLL: Some House Republicans say they won't vote for a spending bill if Obama Care is funded. Do you agree?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thats what they say, but they'll cave in as always.

Keep in mind, Obamacare was written by the health care companies.

Its a mandate which means that people HAVE to buy insurance or face punishment. This GUARANTEES millions of new customers for health care insurers.

Because they will be making billions more, they compromised and allowed some provisions, previous conditions, age of dependents etc.

Republicans are no less beholden to BIG business.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47020481

The operative word to all of this is INSURANCE COMPANIES...

Obamacare is purely for the benefit of INSURANCE COMANIES..

Secondly, every single person in this nation this year so far has already been a taxpayer of one tax or another.

Itsn't time to realize that we all are in fact Taxpayers?

How long was that false divide better we all which are in fact Taxpayers and that non-exitent ground called the "Non-taxpayers".?
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