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Message Subject Are You ready To Help Republicans & Corporations Fight Obama As He Tries To Help Average Americans?
Poster Handle chuckles45
Post Content
Get ready to be bombarded with threads that will try to inform your consent against raising the debt ceiling,creating jobs and cutting services for Americans.

Get ready to be sold a bill of goods about Government interfering with "Free" Markets and over taxing business.

Watching you tards help Republicans kill you off is going to be mentally hilarious but you will want to teach Obama a thing or two.

Stupid dupes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46716276

Watch out you leftist tards believe you will find economic redemption in creating more debt that cannot ever be repaid thus sinking us further into being indentured slave of the government of all countries that own our debt.

Seriously, AC just how beneficial is compounding more debt upon an astronomical debt beneficial to America and Americans in general. Why in your opinion is going further into debt a solution to our economic problems.

Granted you pull in more foodstamps, obama phones and other government bribing programs of unearned goodies what has become of your pride and self-sufficiency.
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

Why is the tea Party and the Republican Conservative wing fighting Obama's Jobs bills at every turn?

Even as Americas roads and Brides crumble.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32158436

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