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Message Subject Are You ready To Help Republicans & Corporations Fight Obama As He Tries To Help Average Americans?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What will happen when the American people demand Tax increase on America's corporations and high earners and an end to cuts in Services?

What will happen when Americans demand the student loan rates be lowered to a manageable level to match the lw paying job market of today?

What will happen when Americans demand that Republicans stop trying to break the law by defunding Obamacare and instead work on way to enforce it?

Well War. War will happen. War will happen because Americans have conceded Government to the rich and bought hook, line an sinker that the system doesn't work which is exactly what the 1% wanted them to do.

Americas Wealthy WANT a War economy not a Clean Energy or High tech economy.

Somebody is gonna get busy dyin.
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