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Message Subject Obama: 'Raising the Debt Ceiling...Does Not Increase Our Debt,'
Poster Handle Woot Woot
Post Content
It's simple things like this that make me not take people seriously when they get all worked up and angrily rant about certain things. We allow such ridiculous things to happen. Someone getting venomous over an insulting word or a honked horn.. Yet that same person may hear a politician lie and just say "Oh well they all do that." If you can brush off a politician not representing the people, why do you not brush off minor inconveniences. Angry over a parking spot or wait in line... Make excuses for a lying official because he wears blue instead of red.. And vice versa.

We are clearly insane as a people. There is no consistency. Somehow the acceptance of that has made me content. Now I can laugh and make a joke out of just about everything. That makes me happy. Join me. It's fun!
 Quoting: Poche'

I respect your decision, but I choose to give a damn and not drink the "Dont Worry Be Happy" Kool-aid. All is not well. Washington is seriously screwed up, starting with the bozo in the White House.

It's unclear to me that Obomba and his clown crew inner-circle know how to tie their shoelaces, nevermind run the USofA.
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