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Aliens using concentrated human areas of nerves penis/clitoris to gain unguarded entrance to human brain

Nuke-Microbio man
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United States
09/19/2013 01:58 PM
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Aliens using concentrated human areas of nerves penis/clitoris to gain unguarded entrance to human brain
Not classic abduction as they came to me. I was alone in the downstairs apartment in the home of a very good female UFO involved journalist friend. She was away on business. I had a very sick grandchild in the hospital in her city and she told me I could stay over in the apartment to be closer to my young grand daughter when she had chemo & radiation and gave me a key to the separate apartment. I had befriended her several years prior and with was keenly interested in her work. I had fallen in love with her but she considered me only as a friend.

That being said I think the beings were there to clandestinely probe her mind for any information as to progress on UFO investigation that might reveal them. Instead in her absence they found me late that night.

I too believe they are attracted to sexual energy in aroused humans. Being in her house in the isolated apartment I was highly aroused fantasizing about her in bed masturbating. I felt a presence enter the room andand I stopped instantly then an intensely pleasurable sensation in my erect penis and an indescribable feeling rush up my spine and into my brain all my fantasies about my journalist friend flooded my mind. I didn't care as it felt so good. Not an ejaculation/orgasm but a sustained intense ogasmic pleasure that froze my mind to anything else. Then it stopped with my penis erect lying in bed drenched in sweat. I looked in the dark and saw the red LED time on the clock and I noticed 2 hours had passed.

Why and what did they want? All I can think is that they were attracted by the sexual energy did a very fast memory probe and discovered that I had been nuclear trained in the US Navy and had served aboard a Polaris missile submarine a microcosm of our most advanced technology and weapons and had studied microbiology and had gained laboratory experience with bacterial pathogens with a minor in human psychology. It had felt wonderful and while occupied they had accessed all knowledge I had that they had interest in.
I feel used and violated. Sex is not guarded but inviting and has access to all areas to the brain. alien03ufo56alien03alien03

User ID: 29019605
United States
09/19/2013 02:13 PM
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Re: Aliens using concentrated human areas of nerves penis/clitoris to gain unguarded entrance to human brain
Is it possible you had a seizure and then slipped into post-ictal sleep? Did you feel hungover?

Do/did you take ED meds?

Weren't you sore after a 2 hr erection? Could it have been a new, sleep induced erection?

I'm not a man, but I have always had very intense and satisfying sexual "dreams" and I have focal seizures, both awake and in my sleep, sometimes as I'm drifting off to sleep. Sometimes sexual activity provokes seizure activity and/or symptoms in those who have narcolepsy.

Had you taken any strong antibiotics like Cipro or sulfa drugs? Those things can really eff you up neurologically.