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its coming

User ID: 45260708
09/19/2013 11:18 PM
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its coming
these things have been here since the beginning guys, the governments have been making deals with these entities for sometime. outer space travel is physically impossible, the amounts of harmful gases and god knows what else that lye outside our solar system would incinerate any technology that passed through. these things ARE from another dimension. the ufos you see are created by man, directed by these THINGS. they CAN shape shift into whatever they so choose too. they CAN fly but only by the technology they have taught our corrupt governments to create. this whole bullshit alien thing is their most clever scheme ive ever discovered. their plan is that if you believe in aliens it deters you from believing in god, which is what weakens your mind and gives them power over you. a strong mind and solid un shaken belief in god is your greatest weapon. make fun of this if you want or take this into consideration and prepare yourself. look up the book of enoch, read it all and you will realize that past events are happening again. god is our creator, who resides in a higher dimension. these demons come from another dimension as well and are being summoned all the time. like think about it if you do any studying about the universe you will know for aliens from another solar system to get here they would have to open a worm hole to warp into our solar system. which would be noticed by EVERYONE. they are here, our entire way of living has been enfluenced by these fucks.