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The Secret Is Out! Obamacare Forces Population Control!

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United States
09/20/2013 02:44 AM
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The Secret Is Out! Obamacare Forces Population Control!
Obamacare provides 100% coverage of contraception. BUT pregnancy care has no set coverage level. Even after paying exorbitant insurance prices!

For example, a woman will have 100% coverage for birth control pills. But if she has a baby, instead of paying the normal $25 fee for a doctor visit she could end up paying $100 a visit to see the gyne for prenatal care! And as any woman or husband knows, a pregnant woman practically lives at the gyne! Then once it is time for delivery she would have to pay the mother of all deductibles. Basically the insurance companies have carte blanche with pregnancy related coverage.

"The liberal view is that the world would be a better place if there were fewer people in it (starting with those evil conservatives who insist on having more than two children, one suspects). Now liberals ensconced in the Leviathan of the federal bureaucracy have an invasive and powerful law which aims to accomplish exactly that. Ironically, for a law which is rightly derided for its ponderous and incomprehensible massiveness, all this terrifying and tyrannical power is granted by what the law doesn’t say."

ObamaCare’s Hidden Pregnancy Tax
[link to www.catholicvote.org]

Just a couple of funny creepy Obamacare videos you may get a few laughs from.

For the gals:

For the guys: