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Message Subject CRISTIAN CHILDERN BEHEADED BY MUSLIMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny thing about the ignorance of OP who is also an anonymous Coward that we can not qualify and it could be also a troll to manipulate public opinion with hate.
islam believe in Jesús even more than the other so called followers of Jesús as catholics and cristians.
They believe in his return they have prophesies of Jesús return and even a place where He will be rest after staying with us for some time.
 Quoting: fërú.

this has nothing to do with jesus to me, all i see, as a father is a lifeless headless child being held up as an example, thats all the matters here, fuck all your non existent gods
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42925944

And obviously you just arrive to the thread, and didn't care to read it all.
It was debunked few pages back.
You late to my post.
There is also people who speaks perfect Arabic and translate for us that the people on the video is family denouncing the crime of and attack of the air forces of the president of Syria over his town.
Nothing to do with the title. So the title is misleading and used as hate propaganda hate. Hate in the name of Jesús, because apparently OP is cristian
 Quoting: fërú.

even if it was debunked, you cant debunk the entire history of these savages, how many heads have been sawed off? how many people killed in such savage way? theres no convincing me they dont deserve to all die, even if its not the ppl in the video...the ones who do it...they will pay
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