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Message Subject I don't always talk to Obama voters , but when I do I ask for large fries
Poster Handle Unixlike
Post Content
Lets be honest here, the red states are the poorest, least educated, and the states also share a common bond, they're the largest recipients of welfare. I'm no Democrat, but truth hurts.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45921594

yep - texas welfare case ... right bub

poor republican states are so because they have just recently turfed the demonrats

Detroit, Chicago and Compton are great examples of fiscal sobriety
 Quoting: Woot Woot

Arkansas has had a balanced budget forever. We don't spend more than we have. How's that California budget working out?

And if we could remove that 13% of our population that are black democrats our food stamp rolls would decline by half.
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