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US Military Exercises Begin in Thailand as unidentified "gel-like" objects fall from the sky

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 93562
05/15/2006 07:33 PM
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US Military Exercises Begin in Thailand as unidentified "gel-like" objects fall from the sky
This was another threads, but I thought maybe consolidating the threads might be a good idea.

Experts probe mystery jelly blobs

"After being soaked in water for three hours at the Post, this 50mm x 110mm sheet of cooling gel has swollen into a fat stick similar to the `mystery objects'. BOONNARONG BHUDHIPANYA

Some believe they are living organisms from outer space, others say they are a new marine species brought inland by rainstorms _ and for some children these unidentified objects are "alien droppings. Deputy director of the Medical Sciences Department Pongpan Wongmanee yesterday urged people who have found the objects to hand them over to state officials so they can be examined in a laboratory. "They should give the specimens to us so we can find out what exactly they are," said Dr Pongpan."

[link to www.bangkokpost.com]

After four days of speculation, the Public Health and Science and Technology ministries have decided to dispatch a group of disease control experts, veterinarians, entomologists and scientists to inspect the worm-like objects which have been found in at least five provinces so far.

"Cobra Gold 25 includes Indonesia

Thailand kicked off its 25th annual Cobra Gold joint military exercise with the United States, including participants from Singapore, Japan and for the first time from Indonesia.

"This year, in addition to participation by Thailand and the United States, we are again honoured to include Japanese and Singaporean participants. Also, we welcome for the first time the participation of Indonesia," said Ralph Boyce, US ambassador to Thailand. "

[link to www.bangkokpost.com]