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Message Subject Can you make it big without illuminati HELP ANSWER PLEASE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wanna pursue what I'm good at that is acting & comedy. But here my dilemma this one word, that deteriorates my whole concepts and ideals and morals. This word ladies and gentle men is the illuminati. Is it possible to become an actor or comedian and build success ? Without eventually crossing paths with these people. Or is the illuminati we come too understand really just the billionaire banksters elite running the show behind curtains not worried about me and my fame (if reached) or success will they approach me. If so ill go with plan B just get medical job live my wife n kids and never dream outside what society (by society i mean them) set out for me. Let me know people it hard decision. Jay z said some interesting things one of the biggest person they claim too be apart of it in music industry. "Conspiracy theorist screaming illuminati they cant believe this much skill in the human body". As we all know illuminati mainstream now so you think all this time people were pretending just too make $$$ a killing off you thinking they are involved ? ... You say illuminati bring there name up you make them rich. Or maybe there real and apart of it but too cover it upthey will diss miss it as joke crazy conspiracy theorist at it again.
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Speak English.
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Sorry typed super fast on iphone don't bash please stay on topic
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