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Message Subject Can someone please explain to me WHY pedophilia is an Illuminati cornerstone?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is the obsession that Hollywood and the elite have with children? What is the purpose of this in their movement?

I don't think the real Illuminati is like this, but other people certainly are. The purpose is that they oppose the path which feeds the soul, and choose the path that kills it...most likely not in a totally conscious way. They probably think that they're just normal people. However, a normally functioning human being doesn't have any desire to hurt children...they're innocent, and highly impressionable. Normal people try to protect kids. Someone who wants to hurt them has a heart that isn't working properly anymore.

In close proximity to an industry that feeds on image, on lies (actors), on sex (it sells), on money and power...yeah it will probably attract or even create some messed up people.
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