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Subject GRID EX II = 11-11-11 = illuminati 33 Occurring 11-13-13
Poster Handle presman2
Post Content
I am looking at the illuminati coding of the Grid Ex II power outage drill on 11/13/13. I see illuminati coding all around this event since three of the key illuminati numbers are 11, 13 and 33. We know that they create false flag events on key dates / numbers to give them more satanic meaning.


The words "Grid Ex II" basically represent 11-11-11 as follows:

G=7 + R=18=9 + I=9 + D=4 ---> Adds up to 29 that = 11
E=5 + X=24=6 ---> Adds up to 11
II ---> same as 11

Although 11 is a key illuminati number (like 9/11 WTC and 3/11 Japan Tsunami false flag events), the 11-11-11 adds up to the sacred illuminai number 33. (we have all seen this before)

THE DATE: 11/13/13

The date has two key illuminati numbers in it: 11 and 13.

This appears to be a very special date & event for the illuminati satanic occult.
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