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Message Subject Over a Week of anxiety, little sleep and pulsating noises in my ear....Do you feel it too?
Poster Handle Limey
Post Content
I feel this way often.
There are constantly terrible things being reported to us through our phones, TV sets, internet, newspapers friends and family.. its never ending.
The moments of peace are becoming fewer and further between.
I have not only noticed this in myself but in my close friends and family. No one is ever happy the way they used to be. People are always stressing and worrying about something.
I'd be interested to know the age bracket of the people feeling the same way.. maybe we're young enough to not be completely accustomed to this kind of life like my younger family members are but not old enough to not care.. Seems to me that older people, generally intelligent, wise, older peoples view on this is 'Don't worry about what you can't change'
and then there's us... stuck in the middle. Nothing we can do.
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