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Sorry Obama isn't the second coming nor is he the anti Christ. Russian troops have been training here for years, the dollar is going to collapse it should have already collapse it should never have been here or any where else.

Now the other stuff maybe, maybe not most of the trainee are government workers, they have to learn how to shoot.

There are other things going on that the top guys are scared of and it isn't the people, more like their day of reckoning is coming and they don't know from where it is coming.

They don't care if the people live or die, that is the truth but they are train in treating causalities. These people are training from all over the world and not for just the U.S.A..

The funny thing to say in this movie is they are planning communism we are living under communism for a long time, the communism is about to fall and the next step in the plan is to start.

These humanist are a holes. They have put this in motion so many years ago it is not funny but I am getting to them and I mean I getting there. They going to know what God was talking about. Don't plan for a future ladies and gentlemen your time is short. You going to bring God out of the Heavens yah his host are going to come out! I hope you enjoy the meeting with them.
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