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Interesting site should be fun.

My Grandpa back in the 1950s used to tell me about people who were living that were 1000s of years old. He also told me about a place called Botany Bay, which I found out later on a surprise Star Trek movie about Klan is some where in Australia, anyway he said they had created supermen that was stronger and lived longer than regular people, they had used genetics. Now how did he know that back in the 50s, that a show would be on TV that told of the same thing? He also told me of alien space crafts that hit a church in Texas in the late 1800s, and other one in New Mexico that was in some gully and there were young people there like college age, he must have been there too, cause he said they were told to get away from there. I here about the Philadelphia ship story from him, he was told by a sailor that was there at the time, said the ship disappeared and reappeared in another bay. This was back in the 1950s. Papa was a person who talked to everyone and collected their stories. Seems they were really just stories. There seems to be some facts that lead one to believe some of the stories had facts to them.
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